Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Did I tell you that my Digital Rebel is getting repaired? And that it is driving me crazy?? For reasons like the above. The perfect lighting came into my bedroom window, and my gorgeous children agreed to sit for me... and I had to pull out my old broken down, dilapidated Kodak Easy Share. **sigh** Oh, well. The photos were still fun to take. 

And now, since I have some free time as of late (lol.) I thought I would share a few more of my favorite photos from this month...

Look at this handsome man. He's my mother's father. Yep, my very own Granddaddy. 

He's something, isn't he? He's a twinkly, candy in the pocket, buy my granddaughter a Coca-Cola kind-of-guy. And today I wish I was close enough to stop by and give him a squeeze.
And my son, the newest love in my life.

With eyes of water, and cheeks of sugar, I could stare at this baby face all day long. (And I often do!)

Hoping you all find time this month to snap some photos. Time is flying by us and each moment is precious!
xx Heidi

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