Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Artist's Child

What you are about to see... was not staged. It was not something that I intentionally made her do. 
Nor was I even present at the moment it was occurring. 
This photo is the absolute proof that Ahna is indeed her mother's daughter...

 Paint. Need I say more? (If so, read on.)
 She did it barefoot.
 She went to the grocery store with me afterwards... 
and didn't wash this off first because it was "AWESOME".

**sigh** I LOVE being a mother.
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Nat said...

LOL_ I LOVE this- soooo cool!!! SCRAP it, SCRAP it!!!

Andrea Amu said...

A true fashionista! She may start a new fashion statement!

Kelly Massman said...

Very cute!! I received your package today! I thought I would come over and say hi! Best of luck to you in your future crafting endeavors! You'll have no trouble landing something fantastic!

Melissa W. said...

LOL. I just had to tell you that I was going through new(er) blog posts in Google Reader, and this post came up as Ethan was looking over my shoulder. He commented, "Wow, Mom. Someone got painted on."