Friday, July 2, 2010

Good-byes and Sweet Things

I'm a bit sad today. As of two days ago, I was informed that I no longer work for Couture Cardstock. Major financial changes within their parent company, Cardstock Warehouse, has resulted in a complete reorganization and the result is a very abrupt and immediate end to the Couture Cardstock that I have known and loved working for this past year. I am not certain as to the future of Couture Cardstock, all I know is that the direction in which the parent company has decided to go, no longer includes the services of the former staff, including our president, CarrieAnne DeLoach, and all of us designers. If you have any questions, you may contact the Cardstock Warehouse staff directly.

I truly loved working for Couture Cardstock. It was an honor to work with so many talented designers and amazing partnering companies. I have met, and made, many new friends within this industry while working for Couture and I will definitely continue to follow all your creative endeavors!  I will also still madly be creating, for I am in love with the creativity that this industry allows me to surround myself with. I look forward to continuing our friendships in many other forums, challenge sites, and blogs! 

Now onto sweeter things... a few projects that I intended to show off at CHA before I learned that they were no longer going!

"All Girl"
Aaaaah, see - this is exactly why you hang onto scraps of your favorite papers! Most of this was created using Websters Pages paper scraps... oh, how I love the colors. (And the adorably sassy child in the photos.)

And how about some cupcakes? They come in several paper flavors... I foresee many little girl tea parties in their future... perhaps even a birthday party or two. 

And last but not least... a yummy paper cake. Yes, with the exception of the white paint frosting, and a bit of molding paste for the center icing, it is ALL paper. I had a blast making this - for DAYS. :) (Forgive the crude picture, my scrap desk has been in pitiful shape for months now.)

Here is a slice... would you like a piece for yourself?

Soooo, another step on this journey of my crafting life. I wonder where I will go from here?

xx Heidi
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Broni said...

Heidi, these projects are absolutely amazing and I ABSOLUTELY HATE that they will not be seen at CHA. You ROCK, girlfriend!!!

Lesley Langdon said...

That is sad news...sorry to hear that. Your creations are ALL beautiful and I'm glad you can show them here!!! The cake looks so REAL!

Nat said...

Girl - you amaze me constantly!!!! I have no doubt your path in this bussiness is going to be bright!
Huge hugs to you - so sorry about CC - your rocked their products!!!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Heidi... you are amazing! Totally gorgeous stuff! YUMMY! It would have been so cool to see it at CHA but alas that was not our future. I am sad about the news too as I was only on the team for a few months and excited to show off my projects too. I will be sharing on my blog soon! HUGS... keep in touch!!!

Andrea Amu said...

You will certainly do something fabulous, wherever you go! I am positive someone will scoop up your amazing talent and love for details, Heidi! I am sooo very sad that our time with Couture has come to a quick end... I would've never thought! ahhh! I will miss creating with all of you girls!

Your projects are beyond amazzing and CHA is going to be missing out on a fabulous booth this year!

Louise Williams said...

sorry to hear they've just up and left you all in the lurch, not good as you totally rocked the cardstock!! I'm sure someone will snap you up really quickly chickie, you're too talented to be left to your own devices for long ;)

Deb said...

You ARE amazing, and wonderful and so is your work! I'm so glad God gave me the chance to *meet* you, even though our time together on CCDT was so brief! I hope we can stay in touch, and that sometime we can meet IRL! Blessings!

Christine said...

I'm sorry to hear that, however, I know you will continue to do fabulous things and find your path in the industry. You're so very talented.

Brightest Blessings-