Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aaaah, baby.

My how life changes. I know that I have done this whole baby thing before. The diapers. The bottles. The laundry. But this time it is so much different! This time Patrick is home at night and craves baby time once he gets home. I have two daughters who are entirely in love with their brother, the oldest sister who is content to just look at him and tell him stories, and the older sister who is dying to know exactly how to take care of him. Sarenna has changed his diapers already (and knows to cover certain parts in order not to be blessed with a shower), changed his clothing, prepared him bottles, learned to swaddle, cuddle, and talk in parentese. I have so much help in this house, that I was totally, and utterly, unprepared for it. Yes, my days are still filled with all those baby tasks while the rest of the family is in school, or at work, but at night I find myself in awe - watching this little man transform our family into an even better working unit. Everyone is in this together, and what a beautiful thing that is!

Jax sleeps so well at night, I cannot complain. Easily nine-ten hours if I didn't wake him up once to feed him. He hardly cries, but when he does it is short-lived and is an adorable grunting, deep sounding thing, that we have dubbed the man-cry. Everything about this child has me spending my days in wonder, in complete awe of the miracle that he is. Our unplanned baby, a son that looks so much like his father that it makes me giggle. (I am still secretly hoping that a dimple appears in one or both of his cheeks once he starts smiling, that way I know there is a part of me somewhere in him!) He is healthy, about 10.5 lbs already, and happy. And perfect. :)

Now, if I can just lose the last bit of my remaining baby weight... that will be perfect. I gained a whopping 60 lbs again with this pregnancy, but I am pleased to say that exactly a month he was born, I have lost 37 lbs of that 60. (My Wii Fit trainer was very pleased, although I was lectured about losing weight too fast, ha. There needs to be someplace where you can tell them you were pregnant... because before I had Jax I got on the scale and it lectured me for becoming morbidly obese in such a short period!) In any case, this is a HUGE accomplishment for my body... with the girls it took at least 7 months for that much to come off. And it took a year and a half for me to completely lose the weight. I am hoping that once the doc clears me for exercise that I can get this show on the roll. My pre-pregnancy Silver jeans are hanging where I can see them in the closet, hoping to fit over my bum within the next 4 months. What do you think? Think I can lose the last 23 lbs in 4 months? I hope so.

I leave you with some cuteness. My new Digital Rebel is getting a workout I tell you!

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Julie said...

so glad to hear you are doing well, and I am sure those pounds will keep coming off quickly. Jax is adorable and amen for all the help you are getting.

Jamie said...

Oh Heidi!! What a handsome angel!!! I'm soo happy for you and your family!! Happy New Year!!!

Amooretto said...

what a cutie patootie. You are so blessed with all the help and love around you. Take care and don't'll get those baby pounds off of you in know time. :)