Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Alabama to Missouri in exactly 29 days....

Yep. 29 days from start to finish. Within one day of being told we were being relocated for Patrick's job, we were in Missouri househunting with the kids. Here is the amazing house that we found.... honestly, a hidden gem that we honestly think that God reserved just for us. 

The yard is spectacular, and we are at the end of a cul-de-sac. I will be able to look out into that greenery from nearly every window - and that is what I have missed so terribly here in Alabama. The colors inside, while bright and cheery (and I love) will be toned down a bit for my hubby... he is a blue/grey kind of guy - but don't worry - we will have those pops of brilliance everywhere to please me too!

The girls are nervous, but mostly excited. This is another adventure for the Kelley family, and we will be closer to the Kelley side of the fam also. (AND I will be 4 hours from my sis in law, whom I adore, and whom is having a baby in just a couple months. How excited am I to be able to get there fairly quickly ANYTIME I want to?!)

So my friends, please forgive me if I am out of touch for the next couple weeks... see it is just after New Years now - and the packers come in a few days. The movers move all our stuff on out Friday, and we pull out of Prattville that night. 

I will be writing to you from the other side, from my new scrap studio! I am sure I will  have many photos to share at that time too, a move always proves to be good for story telling. 
xx Heidi
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