Friday, November 19, 2010

Bruised & Fabulous

Last year I got a phone call from the nurse's office at my children's school. Never a GOOD thing. But this was a BAD thing. Sarenna had taken a dive off of the jungle gym and hit a metal bar with her face. Yes, her beautiful little face. The nurse said that we were terribly blessed because she missed her actual eye by just a bit... and we were. When I walked into the school to get her, she burst into tears (having not cried before). I must confess, I love that - knowing that my child feels so much comfort when Mommy walks in, that she totally lets go...

Overnight that swollen eye and cut became quite a shiner. And my little spunky kiddo gets up, coordinates her clothes to match that perfectly purple eye and says to me - "Ha. It looks like I have eyeshadow on. And YOU said I couldn't wear eyeshadow to school!" Giggle. 

All was as it should be. She was bruised... and FABULOUS.

For Shimmerz and The Color Room this week:

I used tons of Shimmerz on this layout, Blinz in Under the Sea, Vibez in Hermit the Frog, and Shimmerz in Ballet Slipper. I also did a masking, using Molding Paste on the background. Some close ups for you...

Based off of palette #33 for The Color Room!

xx Heidi
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Jamie Dougherty (jaylynn) said...

Awe Poor girl :) You sure make bruises look beautiful !!! Hugs Jamie