Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've had this canvas tote in my box of to-do's for awhile now...
But one particular morning about a week ago (it was a Saturday), 
I found myself looking around my house - my wonderfully, cluttered-with-toys house,
And then I was looking at the clothes I was wearing - my comfortable yoga pants, pajamas one would say (with telling streaks of paint and blobs of glossy accents that won't wash out),
And then I looked in the mirror at my disheveled bed head, thinking gosh - can't go out like this. 
And decided that I was going to create something magnificent, something for myself that one would never guess I would carry... (due to my VERY homey, mommy appearance that day.)

And I pulled out the tote. 
And I painted.
 And I glammed.
 And I misted.
And when I was finished, this is what I made - in my perfectly normal, homey, cluttered, room, while my husband lied next to me reading his book, and my son played at my feet with his alphabet blocks, and my girls did what they do... singing, dancing, drawing, playing, in circles around us.

And one day, I will have reason to carry this pretty thing to dinner. 
And one day, I will get out of my yoga pants, 
do my hair for a date
 and leave the diaper bag behind.

But for now, the pretty bag is sitting on my shelf... 
reminding me that these days are precious, 
that I need to enjoy every moment,
because that diaper bag will eventually be gone.
My house will be quiet.
And I will miss all these moments. 

And hopefully I will be able to remember it all
the day this bag goes to dinner with me. 

xx Heidi
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Calia Yang said...

OH MY!!! you are one talented chickster!!! ^_^ I love it!

Broni said...

This is just gorgeous, Heidi!! I hope your "one day" comes very soon!! It would be a shame not to show this off to the world sooner rather than later!

Alyssa said...

Oh my! this is wonderful. Love the story behind it as well. :)

Lesley Langdon said...

That is one gorgeous purse!!! You could just hand it on the wall for now as a piece of art and a reminder of all things beautiful in your life. :) Thanks for sharing it!

Lesley Langdon said...

oops - I meant -"hang" it on the wall. ;)

The Tartaglia Family said...

Woman. You amaze me!

Cindy Gay said...

Love your journaling.

Anonymous said...

wow amazing!! you sure know how to glimmer, glam and glitz!!