Thursday, September 9, 2010

Full of Hot Air

This past Labor Day weekend my husband and I had hoped to cross something off of our bucket list... We had hoped to take a tethered ride (young Jax is quite the squirmer, so the thought of trying to hold onto that child for something more than 50 feet, unthinkable), and then watch the horizon fill with the magnificence of hot air balloons... rising themselves up into the unreachables.

But alas, it was not our time. Windy conditions took away the launch, and thus, prevented us from taking that ride.... 

Of course, with my digi rebel around my neck - I came home with just over 400 photos. (For a 24 hour trip, not too shabby I'd say!) Here are a few of my favorites...

From the balloon "Glow" the night before:

Looks like it is going up now doesn't it? Nope. That balloon was tethered to 4 (yes, 4!!) cars. 

Here they are swaying in the wind... before the master of balloon ceremonies (lol?) came to shut it all down.

And  here are my fave family photos from the weekend...

**Sigh** I love my kids. I love my life. I love my camera that captures it all. 
(One day it WILL capture the balloon launch... )
xx Heidi
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Broni said...

Oh Heidi, I'm so sorry you didn't get to make it up in the balloon! But your photos are AWESOME!! What a beautiful family! Love the nighttime balloon pics too!

LG said...

WOW it looked like you had an amazing time with your family despite not being able to make it up in the balloon. Gorgeous photos!

Andrea Amu said...

What terrific family time!
I've enjoyed looking at all your photos... so nice!