Saturday, June 19, 2010

Germany's ScrapArtZine!

Today I was delighted to find an email in my inbox from friend, Nathalie Kalbach! **Muah** And much to my surprise she told me that my blog, yes this teeny blog, was featured in the Summer 2010 edition of Germany's ScrapArtZine!!


 What an honor this is! See... that's me... the third picture down in the photo below!

Nathalie, sweet girl that she is, even translated it for me... this is what it says:

"Heidi's blog sparks with ideas. Her way to scrapbook totally fascinates me. I can't describe her style as she is very versatile. From Shabby Chic to Romantic pure - everything is included. It is so amazing how she plays with different materials and layers them! this is a blog you really love to visit often and never forget."

Thank you so much ScrapArtZine, if only this mag was available over here!!! (and thank you Nat for telling me!) I can't stop blushing. :)
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Nat said...

Loved to see you in there girl - Congratulations- it is so much deserved!

Susan Dupre said...

He,hee it was a nice little surprise she sprung on us wasn't it?! :) You're a fabulous artist! I can see why you were listed!

Heidi Kelley said...

LOL, yes Susan it was! How fun that we were on there together! And you too, SO WELL DESERVED!!

The Scrapbook Shoppe said...

YAY for you, Heidi!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Heidi! What an honor. Your work is beautiful and you deserve it.