Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Valley and Seduction!

I completely let loose this past month when creating my projects for Couture Cardstock. I got gesso'd. I inked, painted, misted, sprayed, crumpled, embossed, drew, cut, and the list goes on and on. My desk is a mess. My scraproom looks like an artistic warzone. And I could not have had more fun!
I hope you learn to dance in the rain.

"Another 10 Reasons"
for why I scrap.
for why I take pictures.
for why my life has meaning.

10 bitty toes.
10 things to kiss.
10 things to tickle.
Another 10 reasons.
Not that I needed any more reasons to thank God.
Just that I have been blessed with them.

"Precious Moments"
Snicker. Noel and Grace don't DO precious moments. So I love that this was caught on camera, and adore that this will be publicly on display in online galleries, and a manufacturer's website. They may not DO precious moments, but that is exactly why this is one.

"A Look of Love"
When I see this, my heart melts. I find myself wishing for a sister of my own, and loving that you two have one another. Hold onto each other, always remembering the precious God-given best friend that you have.

"I See"
Your Heart.
All that you love with.
I see you.

"Our Game Changer"
What a trip this is going to be.
Just as we had gotten use to all the girly ways,
our boy arrives.
Bring it on.

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Vel said...

Wow, these LOs are gorgeous! Love your work and glad I finally found your blog! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

"Hola" Heidi
i love your pictures and your scraping is wonderful. i love takeing pictures myself. come and check out my blog. i have a few things. but am still working on it. hope to see ya soon. Mrs. Sassy pants.