Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So I was creating this layout last night thinking about how much my life has changed in the last few years. I have gone from changing diapers to being "kicked out" of the bathroom by my 5 year old for a little privacy, I have gone from bah-bah's to sending milk money to school, I have gone from reading short stories to being read chapter books by Ahna.... sometimes it makes me sad to think that the baby days are fading away, but I also find myself looking forward to so many more things also. I love that I can sit with Ahna for awhile as she chatters about her entire day of school, hour by hour. I adore that Sarenna wants to stand on a chair and do the dishes with me. All these big girl things makes those fleeting moments of baby girl seem so more precious to me, like in this picture. I caught Sarenna sitting across the pool from me on Memorial Day weekend, trying to catch my eye, and then hide from me. It was so cute... and when we were in the car heading home, she asked me if I liked her "big girl peekaboo"... cause, "you know, she isn't all grown up yet." :)
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Sassy Sasha said...

BEAUTIFUL .. WOW .. girl you are like the paper cutter queen .. I WISH I could rawk paper the way you do .. keep doing it big boo

Alteredego said...

this layout is amazing, girl you have some mad scrapping skills going on here. Love your work as always.