Sunday, May 2, 2010

Orchid Tutorial

Okay, scrappers… we all LOVE flowers. And we all love to incorporate various kinds of flowers into our projects, right? Well, I have just been waiting and waiting for someone to come out with an orchid, for our pages, cards, and altered art.
However, my patience ran out a couple months back and I decided that I was going to make my own orchid, and today I am going to share it with you!

Here is what you are going to need:
Your favorite scissors
A circle template/stencil
An oval template/circle
Distress ink and sponge
Glimmer Mist
Couture Cardstock
Pop dots
Bling or beads (optional, you can use so many things for this step!)
1. Draw templates like below, onto a pale colored cardstock. Both my circles and ovals were 1.5 inches and I overlapped them slightly. For the cardstock, I used a paler color, because my finished flower was going to be a dark pink, and I wanted the pale pink to show through in the center.

2. Cut out your flower pieces, flip over so that you don’t see the markings, and ink with Distress Ink. (I used “Vintage Photo” for mine.)
3. Then scrunch up a small piece of scrap paper, crumpling into a ball. Place this into the center of your circle template. This will be acting as a mask for the center of your orchid.

4. Mist with your favorite color. I used Tattered Angels “Bubblegum” and “Red Velvet”.
5. While still slightly damp, scrunch the edges of both flower pieces. After you have achieved your desired scrunching :) glue the circle template onto the oval piece as follows!

6. Now, cut a small heart from your leftover cardstock. Then cut out the bottom and center, like in the photo below.Keep this piece, you will need both to finish the center of the orchid!

7. Slightly mist this with the same color that you used on your orchid pieces, and then attach to your orchid. You want to place the top, thick portion of the heart, onto the bottom of your flower. Orchids have  a unique little center with tails that point up, and the bottom of your heart will be used for this. After the heart is attached, slightly twist the tails of your heart so that they point up and in.
8. Take the tiny center of the heart that you cut out, and glue pointed up, just above where you cut it out. Bend the tip of that heart up as well.
9. Add a teeny bit of bling or beads, teeny flowers, scrunched up paper, etc., to the center of that… and there she is!

I have made several of these, while making the tutorial above (hence the reason the masked center all appears the same!), but you can alter as you’d like and change the size based on what size shaped circles and ovals you initially start with.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!  
xx Heidi
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