Sunday, September 2, 2012

Me & My Sweets

So my girls and I started on a sweet journey today. It all started becuase about a month ago we stumbled across this magazine...

Loving to bake for my kids and hubs, I thought it would be a fun addition to my ever growing collection of recipe books, baked inspirations, and kitchen. Little did I know, however, that it would take us weeks to decide which recipe to take on. There are literally hundreds of cupcakes in this delicious book... And we just couldn't decide where to start. Ahna wanted to make anything involving chocolate, Sarenna wanted to make the Strawberry Milkshake, and I wanted something different entirely. Off the top of my head, now I don't remember, but I am pretty sure that it involved mint. 

So we decided that we are going to make them all. Yep, every single cupcake in this book....because why not? Sure we may not like them all, and they may not look perfect because we're no pros, but come on... There are bound to be some amazing tastes ahead of us. 
Besides, we're talking about cupcakes, so again I say, why not?!

We may make one a week, maybe there will be an occasion to make more, and maybe we will miss a week or two, but no matter what - it's going to be fun. We decided to eliminate any arguing by randomly generating a number to select our first cupcake and we were all delighted with the result, especially given that we have just stepped into Fall.

So with that I bring you our first cupcake.... 

Me & My Sweets
Cupcake 1: Caramel Apple 

Our frosting turned out a little less fluffy, and I couldn't find a crap apples anywhere.
Not too shabby, I'd say, but we rated the cupcakes as follows:
(Out of 5 stars)
Heidi:    **2**  Not a big fan of the small chunks of apples within the cupcake (although the spicey-ness of the cake was awesome) and the frosting was just too sweet.
Ahna:  **2**   The first couple bites were great, but then I was totally sweeted out. Blech.
Sarenna:  **2** Just not my favorite, I'd say. But not totally bad.

What's the verdict?
Well, we will make the spicey apple cake part again, leaving out the chunks of apple next time... and probably not frost it at all. Definitely not an "ADD" to our recipe book as is.

Next week - Cookies and Creme.
Stay tuned!

Me & the Sweets
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