Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby, baby, baby :)

So I have been missing for a little over a month... but with good reason! My son, Xander Rian Kelley was born on February 5th, a little over 2 weeks early.

and here he is now, a month later!
We have had a little bit of a rough go... he is currently trying to recover from RSV, having spent some time in the hospital. But we are home now, and on breathing treatments, and this mommy is ready for her little prince to heal completely. 
Tomorrow I am going to start showing off some projects that haven't been showed off because of my being a tad busy recently... hope you enjoy!
xx Heidi

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Miae said...

Oh goodness what a handsome face! Many congrats and I hope Xander is 100% very very soon!

naop said...

Huge Congrats to you and the beautiful boy Xander!
I hope you are both doing well.
All the best, heidi!!

Love Naomi

Solange Marques said...

Congrats Heidi!!!
Your baby is a little prince!!!
Very very cute!!

Jules said...

Awww huge congrats heidi! what an absolute sweetie. So sorry to hear of his bumpy start, but now you are home you can really enjoy this precious time with him and your family.... and maybe mumma can get a little rest too! :)) x

Kasia Kaniewska said...

Congrats! Hope all will be perfectly good now :)

Adrienne said...

Oh he is! Hope he is getting better and better each day! My 3 month old caught RSV not too long ago- I know how you feel.. what a nasty virus especially for a little one!

P.S I just love your work! Beautiful! ALL OF IT! I dont know how I didnt find you and your work sooner!

Glad you are back and ready to inspire!