Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Prima} Do you have a secret keeper?

I do. 
It keeps secrets, communications, between my daughters and I.

What is it's purpose you ask? It all started to keep the talking going as they enter their tween years. See... they write me a note, a letter, a sentence - whatever they want to tell me, and they can tell me anything. I wanted to make it more "pretty" though (yep, i am definitely a girl) so I created this little beauty (for Prima) to house and transport our conversations to one another... (I also made two extras, identical to this one... see below for why.)

Whenever the girls have something to say, they write it down, and I find this somewhere in one of my rooms. Usually on my pillow, or next to my computer. I then respond to them within a day, placing the secret keeper back on their pillow. It's just a fun way to have a "mail system" running through your house, especially when day to day life seems to run away and I might not have that one on one time with each of my children. (If only there were 6 more hours each day...)

 This little wooden pencil case was 1.00 at a local craft store, and after some paints, molding paste, and lots of Prima embellishments - VOILA. Something to treasure for years... AND something that has a purpose, lol.

What else could you do with a box like this?
 I also wrapped a very special someone's birthday gift in one nearly identical to this box... minus the trims and few other embellishments, adding instead a piece of vintage fabric to the inside to cushion a little somethin' I wanted to give to them.
xx Heidi
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Drycha said...

just beautiful :)

ingrid said...

This is just gorgeous Heidi and what a special and great idea!!!

Lene - Nabon said...

Just LOVE this, Perfect!

mehmet said...

JULIANA said...

Your work is just gorgeous! This is my first visit to your blog, but I am sure I will be back!

JULIANA said...

Your work is gorgeous! This is my first visit to your blog, but I am sure I will return!

mandysea said...

gorgeous attention to detail! very pretty!

Papillon Sky Photography said...

Tea and I were just checking out your blog and your beautiful art! You are so talented. It's wonderful to think that our old house is still filled with creativity! By the way that collage of you a couple of posts below with your beautiful pregnant belly surrounded by flowers is stunning!

Denise van Deventer said...

This is a great project and one that is beautiful, but also has a purpose! I love that!