Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All About Acrylics

This month at Miss Arts, and beginning just a couple days ago, my class "All About Acrylics" went live! If you are intimidated at all about how to work with acrylic, this class is perfect for you!!! To sign up, visit today. :))

Miss Art's Class Description:

"Honesty is the best policy in life, but it comes with its own challenges. Remember when your best friend asked you how that puce taffeta monstrosity made her complexion look? Working with clear materials like acrylic can be much the same way. Acrylic is a strong versatile medium that adds depth and interest to projects, but it can also be a bit intimidating to work with. Join Heidi Kelley in her 101 class sponsored by Clear Scraps. In “All About Acrylics,” Heidi hurdles the challenges of working with clear materials. In 3 easy-to-follow videos she guides you through embossing, inking, punching, stitching and stamping acrylic. Heidi shares the secrets of gluing on a clear surface, as well as, acrylic’s unique ability to be melted and molded into one of a kind embellishments. If your artwork is in need of a little clarity, register for our Clear Scraps sponsored “All About Acrylics” 101 class today."
Here are a couple peeks at what we are creating....

I hope you will join me!!! Click HERE for more information!
xx Heidi
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