Friday, March 11, 2011

Dated: today

It's often hard to remember that I need to get out from behind the camera, and in front of it, for my kids sake. As much as I don't like my own photo taken, it is important to get me into the memory books, and into the art journals so that I am documenting my journey for them as well. 

This picture was taken by my 7 year old, Sarenna. Right before she stole the camera off my desk (gaspppp.... don't drop the digi rebel!), she said "Freeze it Mommy. Don't you move a muscle. I need this picture of you." (ROFL, okay, she sounds A LOT LIKE ME.) And then she said, "And you had better scrap it, young lady."

I obeyed. 

Not much to say about what was going on. 
I was just a sitting there.
Watching my beautiful babies do what they do.
It's how I pass the time.
I could sit there for hours watching them.
I often do.
This time...
I just got caught on camera.

I used Shimmerz in Sugar Plum, Blingz in Hottie Pink, Pearlz in Ballet Slipper and Vibez in Before Dawn... and I gave the page a bit of love with my sewing machine. :) Gotta love some random stitches.

And random photos.
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Alyssa said...

I love this layout, and I like how the signature turned out. :)

Trine said...

WOW this is absolutely awsome!!! I love the way you play with papers! Have a nice week!