Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 different ways...

I'm going to use Shimmerz today! 
(all in about 15 minutes)

1. Freshening up some boring old barrettes for my daughter.
- Just dip into a paint pot, and cover up the chipping color.
- Seal it with modpodge.

2. Distressing (glamming?!) up a set of frames.
- Prime with gesso, spritz with your favorite color,
and then paint randomly with others!

3. Making a letter's envelope, a bit more happy for it's recipient.
- Spritz a bit of Vibez or Coloringz on an envelope before you put your letter in.
- Let it dry, and voila! A fun bit of mail.

4.  Who says a rock garden can't shimmer?
- spritz, paint, shimmer!

And last, but certainly not least...
5. My child asked for a rainbow... on her hands. And I aim to please...
- just pick a paint pot, and paint those nails! It will wash off easy, but is fun for a little while!

What are you going to Shimmerz today? 

 xx Heidi
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1 comment:

Stac said...

Love all your Shimmerzy ideas!!! Thanks Heidi!