Monday, February 28, 2011

The Days are Flying By...

Can you believe it is already almost March? I don't know where the time is going, but there is an apology long overdue... to my very own Mama. Years ago (and no, I won't tell you how many.) she told me that the older you got, the faster it went. Well, Mama. I didn't believe you... and I was so wrong not to. 

It seems like my baby boy Jax, this little (okay not so little at 9lb, 9oz.), infant was just born.

But no, he is looking a bit more little man-ish, like this...

And now he is cruising, moving along walls and furniture, and holding our hands to walk. He may still be wobbly, but this I know for sure...

It Won't Be Long Now.

This layout was incredibly simple to make, and I still feel like I am trying to figure out how to scrap my son (so used to scrapping my daughters with lots of fussy cutting florals!) I love the grungy/circles combo for the little guy, and of course I have to use paint, so I used a lot Shimmerz Coloringzs in Anchors Away and Mama Sings the Blues, and Shimmerz Spritz in Rock-a-Fella Blue.

And I thought my life had already changed. 
Look out, Mama. 

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Cindy Gay said...

Beautiful blues and browns and paint mist. Beautiful boy.