Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Amazing What a New Color Can Do...

Okay crafters...what do Mama Sings The Blues, My Bleeding Heart, 
and Lime In Da Coconut have in common? 

 THEY ARE JUST A FEW OF THE NEW PRODUCT RELEASES FOR SHIMMERZ that are ready for purchase this week! On January 20th these amazing colors will be up for grabs!

Mama Sings The Blues – a bright turquoise color
Mandrin My Tie – an orange / yellow color
My Bleeding Heart – Deep, bright red
Anchors Away – Deep navy blue
Valentino – is similar to the Pantone color of the year for 2011
Ivy League – an olive green
Lime In Da Coconut – a bright lime green
Mon-Shari – a vibrant blue / purple
No Yolking – a super bright yellow
Pink Stiletto – a hot, hot pink
Tropical Tan Line – a vintage tan

And this beauty of a flower was once white...
But after adding some Heavy Metal atop some Pink Stiletto, it was completely transformed! Isn't it dreamy?!

If you haven't checked out the Shimmerz blog or Vlog recently, you need to pop by. The team of educators and designers are crazy brilliant. :) Oh, and do me a favor, alright? If you happen to purchase any (or all!) of these paints or others, tell the Shimmerz people that I sent you on by in the comment box! 
xx Heidi
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Heather Jacob said...

love this Heidi, thanks so much for sharing ... colour is amazing and has such beautiful properties ... I often gaze at the butterflies fluttering and darting in my garden such sensational colours ... we have many butterflies each day all different shades and colours ...nature can teach us so much about colour .. hugs x

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the rose!