Friday, October 22, 2010

Scrappy News, Part 3!!

You have waited a long time for this, I know, lol. But I had to wait until given the go-ahead!

I have been asked to join the already amazing team of designers over at THE COLOR ROOM!  I cannot tell you how much I am excited about this, or how shell-shocked I am to have my name listed with some of those other brilliant artists. :)

Here is the palette for the week...

Here is what I made for my "debut" as a TCR designer!

I had been planning on making this project forever it seems, so when this palette found its way to my inbox - I knew it was time. This is a letter to my children... in answer to a simple question that my oldest daughter asked me years ago. "Are you my mama?"

If you want to read the journaling, here it is...

"Today Ahna asked me a question. And although it was a question that undoubtedly she already knew the answer to, it made me think about all the things that make me who I am. I love color. I love black and white. I could pass entire days away by simply staring at my children. My mind loves puzzles, especially logic problems. My heart loves sincerity, honesty, romance, my hubby. Scrapbooking and art are my hobbies, being a mommy is my passion. I feel God's awesome presence when the wind blows through my hair, through the scent of the ocean, and the sounds of my children's laughter. I crave stability and roots, but desire the newness of any adventure. I love antiques, heirlooms, and the stories of decades before. Trees that hang onto their leaves until the last breeze carries the warmth away, and flowers that blossom in the winter. Strawberries dipped in sugar or chocolate, and shrimp scampi. If laundry could fold itself and walk to the dresser, my life just might take on new meaning! I don't like being alone at night, and I miss living near my parents something fierce. I pray for my daughters and son every night. I pray that they live life full of wonder and faith. I pray that their futures are full to the brim with joy and salvation. I pray that their husbands and wife never take them for granted and love them as much as I do. I hope for a house filled with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I cannot wait to see Patrick and I get old and wrinkly together, I want to be that couple that never tires of holding hands. I want my life to be a testimony to God's love, His abounding grace. I can only imagine that moment when I see His face and I can thank Him for what He has given to me, and for who He made me to be. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mommy. So Ahna, in answer to your precious question, "Are you my mama?"

Yes. With everything I am. Forever." 

 (asked and written on Feb. 25, 2005, re-written to include my son on Oct 17, 2010)

I hope you will join me over at THE COLOR ROOM!
xx Heidi
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Congrats Heidi!!!
Your works ara fantastic!!
I love them!!!

Fryne said...

I'm so happy for you Heidi!!!
HUGE HUGE congrats :)

Anonymous said...

congrats......very exciting!!! and your project is absolutely stunning!!!

A Soldier Girl said...

Congrats girl .. this is beautiful

BabyBokChoy said...

Just look at that AMAZING piece of artwork, is there any wonder or doubt in anyone's mind? So amazing!!!!

Andrea Amu said...

Just saw this the other day when I popped into TCR!
Huge deserving congrats!!

kathie said...

Your project was amazing this week! Love love love your work :)