Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd post of the day... WHAT?!

I know what you are thinking. Something along the lines of "this girl doesn't even post every day, or every other day, so what is she doing posting twice?!" Well, the last post was a surprise post simply because I was excited about the class and wanted to shout it out! :)

But since this palette is almost due at The Color Room, and a new palette will be coming out soon, I just felt like sharing!

Here is the palette for this week:

Isn't this deliciously Autumn? I have been missing my hometown Michigan colors, and it was totally my mood to create this week. Now granted, in Michigan, my children would most likely have been wearing coats and jeans in a fall photo and this photo is Ahna in a tank top and shorts. :) But, that is the Alabama kind of fall, so that is what I scrapped, lol. Here is my take on the layout...

Tomorrow I will be posting a fun "Family" project that I made for YSS, so come back and see me!

xx Heidi
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1 comment:

Fryne said...

such a wonderful work, love the leaf :))) and the background (sigh).