Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can't Live Without Wednesday!

This week I decided to pick my "Can't Live Without" scrappy supply, while sitting at my desk. And I decided that the item had to be something that remains within my reach, on my desk... never to be put away. 

The items are....

Credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, library cards! (Expired, of course!) 

Not exactly a "scrapbook" product, but I have a small tupperware box that I throw all of these cards into and there is always one or more sitting on my scrap table... its edges covered in gesso, paint, and texture paste.

These are excellent tools for edging your projects with faux seaming, or for dragging paint from edge on in. You can paint the most perfect of unperfect lines :), make grids, bricks, frames, etc.
Yep, I love to use my credit cards. And for more than just shoppin'!

xx Heidi

ps. If you left me a comment on last week's post - I will be announcing the winner tomorrow. If you haven't left a comment yet, go back to last Wednesday's post... and who knows? Maybe you will be getting your hands on my some of my stash!
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