Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like...

Pink Pancakes.

With blushing cheeks, little girls were daintily nipping at their sweet treat.
Little pinkies were in the air as they sipped from their rose hued glasses,
leaving shimmering lipgloss traces around the rims.
Floppy hats sat atop ringlets in their hair,
bracelets bangled around their tiny wrists.

Not-so-little girl feet dangled off the benches,
swaying to the love-ly tunes of the bamboo windchimes outside.
There were smiles as "Sir" Daddy placed a napkin in his lap.
There were giggles when he too raised a pinky.

A sweet, sweet, Valentine's Day to remember.
All because of pink pancakes.

Hope your families too have had a sweet Valentine's Day!
xx Heidi

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1 comment:

TataHeikkinen said...

Mighty pretty pancakes for mighty pretty girls. I can see it all so clearly from your beautiful words.
Love, Tata