Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkins, Glimmer Fish, and Roses... OH MY!

This morning, little girls with tousled hair dove into our beds. They had already smelled the doughnuts waiting for them, had dreamed of things glittery and sweet. I, myself, awoke in anticipation of a hot apple cider topped with a bit of cinnamon and homemade whipped cream. Today was the day. Time for the annual Kelley Carve-Off ! We celebrate the Fall today, the life we have been given and are allowed to share with one another, and while many celebrate Halloween... we tend to celebrate togetherness. That isn't to say that we don't partake in some festivities, such as costumes, candy, and pumpkin carving, but we believe all the magic of this holiday is simply in our being together.

This year it was Ahna's and my turn to carve a pumpkin together. (We alternate every other year with our daughters.) Ahna's heart desired flamingos, and after one minor slip of my hand, a plethora of glue and a toothpick... this is how our pumpkin turned out!

Patrick and Sarenna teamed up this year to carve what sweet 6 year old Sarenna called a "floral spectacular." And I must say, it was quite a site when glowing against the aged paneling on our porch this evening!

Here is how all three pumpkins turned out! Did I forget to mention our very own "Jax-O-Lantern?" We couldn't very well leave out our newest pumpkin to the patch now could we? He comes complete with a blue pacifier...

As the hour drew closer to candy collecting, I noticed that my house started to smell oh, so sweet! Of course, the cinnamon candles and hot cider always work wonders to put you in the mood, but this was a special sweetness. And when I turned around, this is what I saw...

Sarenna, my blossoming, beautiful rose had stepped into the room. Could there be anything more precious? She glimmered with dew upon her petals. And just as she sashayed across the hall, a small, pink, butterfly came to rest on her blushing cheek.

And then out of nowhere, a brilliant, shimmering creature stepped up to me. She batted her eyes, and took my breath away. It was her, the glimmer fish, the one that spreads hope and cheer, wiping all the pouts off all the sad little fishies in the sea. (If you haven't read the book "Pout, Pout, Fish" I must ask you to do so...)

Both the rose and the glimmer fish sat for a moment, allowing me to capture them in all their brilliance... and then they were whisked off into the night to see pumpkins luminaries. (Stumbling across a few chocolate treasures along the way.)

Happy Fall my friends. I hope you had a safe and magical evening with friends and family!

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Amooretto said...

perfect costumes for beautiful little girls! Hope they had fun. Love the jack-o-lanterns. :)

Jamie said...

Awesome costumes Heidi! Love the eloquent way you described them!!!
Fantastic pumpkins!!!

Debbie Diesen said...

Just ran across this blog post - what amazing costumes!

Best Fishes,
Debbie Diesen (author of The Pout-Pout Fish)