Thursday, October 29, 2009

Contractions, Monitors, Hospital, OH MY!

So, last weekend I ended up in the hospital. I was worried that perhaps I had an amniotic leak (I won't go into details here.. gross) and after calling Dr. Martin - he said that I needed to get myself to the hospital to get checked out. About 5 minutes into my checkup, all was declared well (HALLELUJAH!) and then... the contractions started. They began to come about every 2.5 minutes. I wasn't really certain that they were real contractions, because while I have had two children before, I was induced with them and only know what contractions feel like under the influence of Pitocin. From what I understand, they are much worse. And I will just concur, because I never had Braxton Hicks in either of those other pregnancies (at least not that I felt anyway), so I have nothing else to base my opinion on! Little did I know that for the past several weeks, these little contractions that I have been having are not Braxtion Hicks, but the real deal. They aren't all painful, some of them are, but mostly they have been just really uncomfortable. The nurse looked at my like I was some crazy person.

I assured her that I am not.
And then my husband assured her that I was.

They gave me some Brethine and stopped the contractions. For at least that night. The contractions are still coming, but not as fast as they were before. I am getting them about 1 every 2.5 or 3 hours, so when I go back and see the doctor at the beginning of next week we will talk some about it. Right now I am under instructions to really monitor when my contractions are coming, painful or not at this point, and when they hit 4 or more an hour, I am to head back to the hospital. I was told to pack my bags.

To pack Patrick's bag (because you know he won't)
To pack the girls bag (since we know no one here and they will probably come with us.)
So today I might pack. Yes, I have put it off a few days. Maybe because I am only 33 weeks, and maybe because I hope that my refusal to pack will make Jax wait a bit longer to come. He's not ready yet, I am not ready yet. (Well, I am not ready because he is not ready... does that make sense? If I had my way, we would be at his due date and we could get this all rolling.)
But, we are not. So, I am not ready. For his sake.

The good news is that his nursery is almost ready! His grandma came with her sewing machine and finished off the crib bedding that I had ordered. ;) His clothes are now washed and put away, and besides a baby monitor, I have almost everything we need (for at least the first few weeks... because who wants to stockpile diapers for the next 2 years?)

So, that is about it my friends. I am excited, and nervous. I want Jax to be a happy, and most of all healthy, baby boy - so I need him to stay put for a couple more weeks.

And now I am off, to put the finishing touches on the girls Halloween costumes, and while I am at it... probably eat some of the candy I bought to pass out.
Mmmmmm. Chocolate.
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Alyssa said...

I think I gave you a baby monitor... didn't I? Or am I loosing my mind? :0

Certified Scrapaholic said...

I am so glad that you are ok, missy!