Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Faves!

1. That's right! Michigan State University took the BIG TEN CHAMPS title this week! Woot! I am one excited ALUMNI and a HUGE basketball fan.

2. Mmmhmm, gotta add some yummy into these faves.

3. Sarenna is really trying hard to learn how to tie her shoes... it is adorable!

4. My girls are playing Bitty Basketball this month, and next. I love watching their faces become beet red as they are working so hard to impress their coach. (Who happens to be their daddy!)

5. James Otto's song... Just Got Started Lovin' You. It makes me feel happy, and makes me want to call up my hubby and beg him to come and dance with me.

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pink4u said...

Bitty Basketball...that is so adorable!!!

I got my reuseable bags from Pier One...they have a bunch of styles for $2.99 :) They really are pretty and look like scrapbook paper!
Have a great weekend.
Joanie :)

Gine said...

Great fives.... I love watching kids play sport...the younger the better,,,they are just tooo cute
I'll take some of that ice cream.. I skipped the icecream isle while shopping today(hit the bakery instead :lol:)

Have a great weekend =)

Cassie said...

OMG! That song!!! I love to see girls who love some sports!!! Great blog!! :)

domestic goddess said...

Love me some Haagen Daas!!!! MY fav is pralines and cream