Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Faves!

1. This video. It just makes me happy. Now if only I could get my hubby to do this!

2. Thunderstorms! We had our first of the season last night,
and while it was short lived... I still enjoyed hearing that rumble.

3. MAC Lipgloss. It's shiny, it's sticky, it makes my lips purdy.
I am hopelessly addicted.
4. Orchids. They are the most beautiful flower,
and part of their beauty is that they are simple,
no additional fluff, flower, or foliage needed!

5. Chocolate. Strawberries. What else is there to say??

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Jill said...

Ohhh chocolate strawberries! And nothing worse than sticky lip gloss! BLECK!

Zoa said...

love the list!! now I NEED some chocolate covered strawberries... DANG!!!

Happy weekend :)

pink4u said...

Love your list!!
Chocolate covered strawberries!! YUM!!!
Can I just tell you one more time how much I really love your banner..It is so very cool!
Have a great weekend....and oh...I can't WAIT to see your BG designs!! :)
Joanie :)

lizzie said...

lol i love your fave five!!!

Gine said...

I'll give you some icecream with rasberries if you hand over some of those strawberries..yummy...
awesome fives..thos guys knew their taps wow

Have a wonderful weekend =)

domestic goddess said...

loving your five favs, starwberries and chocolate! talking my languauge!!!