Friday, February 13, 2009

Fab Friday Faves!

Okay! It's that time again... my five favorite things for this week. :)

1. My online chats with my friend Stephanie. I love, love, love this girl and I adore that we can speak so frequently via webcam, and not kill ourselves financially. I think it is amazing world when our daughters can get online together and can say that they have friends who live in an England, when we live in Michigan, and yes, that they get to "see" them often. Hehehe Steph, are you going to kill me for posting this photo?

2. That my daughter tells me a thousand times a day that she loves me, in every way possible. In letters, in pictures, in hugs, in kisses, and even in little hand gestures like this...

3. That I got to take some time for myself and visit my favorite salon, Douglas J. I received the most relaxing scalp massage, arm and hand massages, highlights, and just some much needed down time. Yay for salon days! And yay for my girl Sheila who does exactly what needs to be done in order to make me feel beautiful.

4. A Biggby grande caramel marvel, hold the whip. MMMmmm... I don't have these often, but when I do, I am a much better person, lol. (So my family loves you too.)

5. This photo, taken on the floor of a limo, of my girls and I on our way to a spa day funded by Adrienne's (far left) husband. Isn't he a doll? It was her birthday and he treated her like a princess, and we also reaped the incredibly cool benefits. Thanks Brian! Adrienne, Lisa, Rachel, Alisha, I heart you girls and will see you at the cabin next weekend, woot!

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pink4u said...

Your spa day sounds like so much fun!! ....especially with a LIMO!!!

Great Faves!!

domestic goddess said...

love the spa photo!

pepsigirl said...

love your favs! that last photo of you all is simply adorable!!!