Monday, January 5, 2009

I have just posted the January and February challenges for SNA!! Head on over to The Scrap Pad and join me in celebrating some monthly causes and an awesome sketch (if I do say so myself, hehehe) challenge Details are below, but you must upload in their gallery in order to possibly win a RAK at the end!

It is that time again for challenges, and I am hoping that this will be one that is popular and we can continue! This challenge will be a two part-er, you may choose to only create one, or both! Every month there are causes that I believe we should be promoting, and aware of because they are important issues. Listed below are the causes I have picked for January and February, and the theme for the layout. These are both due Feb 15th, and there will be a winner from each category based on a DT vote! You may enter as many layouts as you like for each category, and I will be adding an additional twist that should you include it, you will receive an extra vote at the end of the challenge. Feel free to share your creations here, but please post them here as well:;cat=20

Create a layout that uses the color red throughout, this does not have to be the only color, but keep it a strong presence. Must have at least 2 photos on it, and include at least one heart shape on your creation!
** TWIST** Document something that has to do with this cause... such as something that you have done to support this cause, telling us how you feel about blood donations, or telling of someone who has benefited from donation.

Document a rare act of kindness, this can be something that you yourself did, that someone did for you, or something that you have heard of that touched your heart.
**TWIST** Have one day of the week visible somewhere on your layout.

For this Jan/Feb challenge I would love to see what you can come up with based on the following sketch. It is my first sketch, and well... I would just love to see the artists in all of you interpret it! Once again, at the end of the challenge I will have the DT here at SNA vote on their favorite and the winner will win a small RAK! Feel free to share here in this thread but also make sure you post entries here:;cat=20

Have fun! And here is the sketch.....
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GMS said...

I'm ready! Great challenges Heidi :)

Sasha said...

I sware to you ..the last time I came to your blog you aint have shyt updated in forever and I hop my azz over here and BAM you doing girl and yes that lady is just crazy and ignorant to say the least but yah I was STUNNED too ... that was a first for me

Jamie said...

Hi there! Love your work, great music choices too!:):):) Happy New Year! (Oh, I found you from!)

Stacey said...

hi Heidi!!!!!! Love your new look to the blog!!!!

Stacey said...

Hi girl!!!! Have a great time at CHA!!!!!! Wish so much I could meet you!!!