Tuesday, September 16, 2008

<----- WHHHHY SOOOO SERIOUS? (I love this picture of my hubby, it is a rare moment to catch him so seriously thinking about something....) So today someone asked me how I met my hubby Patrick. And I thought for giggles, I am going to document it. Write it here and tell ya'll a little bit about what went down all those years ago....

I was working as a restaurant/bar general manager in North Carolina... and mind you, back then, I was a teeny thing and dressed to impress...(my how things change) ANYHOO... this really scuzzy guy came into the bar wearing overalls covered in gunk, and an upside down visor and was so stinkin' hairy. Needed a haircut, had a full beard, etc. He totally creeped me out... so of course, he starts following me around, asking me out. I kick him out because I am so annoyed (and totally freaked out by his nastiness.) The following Saturday he comes back... again I throw him out, yet again the next week he manages to get back in much to my chagrin and imposed banning of him being let into the bar. (Apparently my bouncers found it very humorous...) So this continued for 5 weeks, week after week I threw him out and asked him to leave me alone (not in the nicest of ways either if I remember correctly.) So week 6 shows up, and as I am watching the door on a very busy night, I watch a drop dead gorgeous man walk into my bar (high-fiving the bartenders) and for the first time, I literally was called out for letting my jaw hit the floor while staring at a man. Shocked I mean, this g
uy was holy HOT... it is after I am called out on this that one of my bouncers says - what you staring at Miss Heidi? It wouldn't be that irritating fella that has been thrown out of here week after week would it??? Yes. It was.(AND HE WAS FRIENDS WITH BOUNCERS, hmmm, didn't figure that one out.) I was so rattled after seeing the guy cleaned up, that I left to go work inside the bar, got basically a case of beer dropped onto my head, got a concussion, and was carried out of the bar by a bouncer. SO... what happened... I later that night accepted a date with the irritatingly, hot that night, grungy for five weeks prior, pursuer. I like to say it was because of the concussion that I accepted the date, he likes to say it is because I am simply materialistic (HELLO? AN UPSIDE DOWN VISOR and GUNK COVERED OVERALLS? I JUST WANT A LITTLE EFFORT.) ... he reminds me of this pretty much every week.

SO, in addition to meeting my husband in a bizarre way, the craziest thing I ever did was marry my stalker. Very Happy

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janet said...

Great story, Heidi!! Way to marry the HOT stalker!!! Nothing wrong with that.

stephanie garbett said...

hi Heidi
love the new photo of you and DH the hottest couple on scrapbook.com

sure my friend i will sort you some mags out hugs xx

Stacey said...

hee hee that is a great story Heidi!!!! Good thing your stalker was Hot!!!